Rescuing stranded NDDC scholars


NDDC scholars

NIGERIA’s public service system is in obvious need of a comprehensive repositioning to make it more autonomously responsive to the needs of the governments and the general public.

The service orientation of government bureaucracies at all levels in Nigeria is abysmal.

Few public servants really want to do their paid work. Government offices may bubble with staff, but very little real work is done.

People are more interested in activities that enrich them beyond their normal salaries. Much of the work going on are related to aspects that political authority and the top people in those offices attach importance to.

It is very common for government offices to set up websites which do not function though personnel are paid to operate them. One malady that has eaten very deep into institutions of our governance is the “marching order” syndrome, a term that was borrowed from our military past.

For instance, a crime will be committed, and an Inspector General of Police who is…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper