FULL VIDEO: We are Peers of Heaven’s society, not witches, says Elebuibon


By Shina Abubakar

The Coordinator of Peers of Heaven society, Chief (Mrs) Oyelola Elebuibon in this video speaks on the difference between witches and peers of heaven.

She also speaks on how she discovered her powers, her relationship with deities, her taboos and relevant of Peers of Heaven to the success of individuals on earth and other sundry issues.

My name is Chief Oyelola Elebuibon Ajibola, the Iya-Osa of Ogbeyonu temple and Iyalode of Onibuaje. I am the Coordinator of Peers of Heaven’society, (Egbe Emere onitesiwaju) not witches and wizards as misrepresented in the media.

Literarily, it means society of heaven, everyone belongs to one heavenly society or the other. Traditionally, everyone on earth has his spiritual being in heaven working with the physical being to achieve his destiny on earth.

Some people can hear what others can’t hear, while others just don’t hear things alone but can see vision…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper