Ezeugwu-Ogundeyin Armoured Corps – Vanguard News



By Emeka Obasi

Dear God, please dry up our oil wells. That is my prayer for I curse the day this so called black gold was discovered in Nigeria. It is a monumental shame that there is nothing to show for all the trillions of naira made from oil sales. Two Nigerians caught my attention recently.

Major General Victor Okwudili Ezugwu and Mr. Ade Ogundeyin can really attract the much needed foreign exchange to the country through their ingenuity. They can also save us quite some cash as the Armed Forces will have to look inwards for some assault weapons.

Ezugwu, from the Nsukka area of Enugu State is the Director-General of Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria [DICON]. Many of us have forgotten that the idea behind setting up DICON in 1964 was to localize the production of military weapons.

Things got so bad that we only remember DICON salt and other essential commodities that had nothing to do with ammunition and technology. In those years, if the corporation were a division…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper