Why pray if you can work?: mysticism, activism and christianity



By Fr George Adimike

Why pray if you can work? Why work if you can pray? At the background of these polemical questions is the wrong presumption that prayer and work are mutually exclusive.

The ramifications of this presumption underpin many of the contemporary preaching, satires and jabs against religion and existential enterprise. These questions are not only symptomatic of the present challenge in our society, but also constitute a facial feature of the severance of positive action from the umbilical cord of faith.

A proper response to them sheds light on one of the important truths of the Christian experience, namely that God is always “magis”; that is, God is always far more than our imagination and our thinking.

As such, Christianity transcends the divide as a counterpoise for the true path to God. By being part of the great faith, Christians participate with creation in its radiation of God’s glory.

Thus, they join in the cosmic worship of the divine majesty…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper