Would you admit to your friend you slept with his wife?


Would you admit to your friend you slept with his wife?

By Bunmi Sofola

I’ve often warned against tempting fate. When you have a relationship and are getting on fairly comfortably with your partner, it’s almost fatal to the relationship to bring in a third party to live with you under any guise.

That is why, no matter how repulsive we find it, male domestics continue to dip into the same pots as their masters and male partners throw caution to the wind and pant after the maids!

When Musibau came back from the US years back, the first person he got in touch with was Gboye, his friend of several years. I’d known them together even before they travelled abroad and when Musibau called that Gboye was throwing a welcome party for him, I gladly attended. Gboye’s wife, Rita, and the mother of their three children, was the perfect hostess, she seemed to get on with Musibau, who she hadn’t met until his return.

When I asked Musibau what his plans were and where he was staying, Gboye cut in: “The silly man went to stay in the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper