NBA Stamp and Seal abolition: The unwanted brouhaha


Capital Market lawyers hold virtual conference on healthcare sector
By Awa Kalu, SAN

There is a dark and ominous cloud hanging over the affairs of the Nigerian Bar Association which has led several eminent and “not so eminent” legal practitioners to offer explanations that either confound the situation or render some arguments quite inefficacious.

Prior to taking our substantive law courses in those days, the curriculum enabled us to have a bird’s eye view of other fields such as Basic Logic, General Studies and Element of the Social Sciences.

We had a course called Use of English. Overall, even the process of socialization made it possible for altruism to be implanted in most young Lawyers as well as other students. I have not been a fan of the denigration of young Lawyers and I do not disdain what their generation stands for. What is surprising though is that what sociologists typify as generation gap is presently creating a real gap between the youthful bar and their older colleagues. What is more, there is now an appreciable…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper