Morrocans protest over Israel normalisation agreements


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Hundreds of Moroccans demonstrated on Friday against the “Arab normalisation” of ties with Israel.

The backlash comes after agreements this week between the Jewish state, the UAE and Bahrain, described by the Palestine-supporting protesters as “treacherous countries”.

“From this place, in front of the Moroccan parliament, we send a letter of support to the Palestinian people, a letter of attachment to the freedom of al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, said Jamal Choubaki, Palestinian ambassador to Morocco who participated to the protests.

The most shouted slogan I have heard today is “Moroccans will never forget al-Aqsa and Jerusalem”. Protesters waved Palestine-friendly banners and flags, demanding the criminalisation of any normalisation of relations with Israel.

“We are here to remind the Moroccan state and the whole world that we consider the Palestinian cause is as ours. We have made sacrifices and Moroccans have given their lives for the Palestinian cause” stressed…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper