The Enemies of The Cross (1)


Enemies of The Cross

By Femi Aribisala

A lady brought her sister to see me. She was in dire straits. Everything about her life had collapsed around her. All the things and the people she had pinned her hopes on had disappointed her.

“What would you like me to do?” I asked her. “I no better help than any of the other people you have talked to.” “I would like to give my life to Christ,” she insisted. “I just want to give my life to Jesus Christ.”

The lady was rather taken aback by my reaction. “But why do you want to give your life to Christ?” I asked.

She looked at me in a puzzled manner, probably wondering if I was who she thought I was. Therefore, I decided to add to her amazement by asking her: “Do you want to give your life to Christ because of all these problems you are having?”

Not waiting for her to answer, I decided to go for the kill: “If that is the reason, it would be a big mistake. You see, when you give your life to Christ your problems don’t diminish….

Source: Vanguard Newspaper