This Centre of Excellence is not working


LASGThis Centre of Excellence is not working

It was not by accident that the tagline selected to capture the essence of Lagos is, Centre of Excellence.

The tagline does not say, close to excellent, neither does it say trying to be excellent. The tagline implies, Lagos is fully settled in the midst of excellence, right at the very heart of excellence regardless of its peers.

If Nigeria was a school and states students, Lagos would be the one that always came first. Since Victorian Lagos, Lagos has been a very unique paradox unlike most states that welcome you, Lagos notifies you –

‘This is Lagos‘

In the famous words of Fela

OJO MONDAY..EKO O NI GBA IGBAKUGBA O (No nonsense in Lagos on Monday)

Lagos is the most populated state and is simultaneously one of the smallest states in Nigeria. Way too often, in response to complaints that highlight the hardship and poor quality of life that faces residents of Lagos, A myopic chorus taunts back with responses like this;

‘All the people complaining are Igbos and should go…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper