Nigeria at 60: Through my eyes


Nigeria in 1960 and Nigeria in 2020 at a glanceBy Magnus Onyibe

At 60 years old, any human being that has not become accomplished or had his/her life anchored on any established and sustainable means of livelihood, would effectively be said to be going through post mid-life crisis.

So when Nigeria turned 59 last year, precisely, on 3rd October 2019, l wrote and published in the mass media an article titled “Nigeria At 59: Are Our Leaders Mad?”

In the piece, l expressed frustration that our leaders have been fighting corruption in the manner that their forbears did since independence.

I noted that rather than win the battle against graft in the public service, the malaise has become more entrenched in Nigeria with corruption in the system growing exponentially with bribes of 10% in the 1960s now ballooning into a situation whereby the entire cost of a contract or project can be paid without the contract being executed .

With the recent unearthing of massive heist in Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, NSTIF, NNPC…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper