See what the shape of your lips says about you


See what the shape of your lips say about you

By Sherifat Lawal

Beyond the cuteness of the lips, lipsology has revealed a direct relationship between the shape of the lips and personality traits.

Jilly Eddy, the world’s first lipsologist has put together a theory linking the shape of the lips to character traits.

There are four major features to look out for while trying to determine the shape of your lips, the corner, teardrop, cupid bone, and natural line.



Below are 5 different lips shapes and their unique character traits.

Thin Lips

Research has shown that people with this kind of lips are mostly self-reliant. They mostly are non-social and have a high drive for success. In spite of the love for solitude, people with thin lips also feel at home when in the company of people and value people for their actions. They have a very soft side that they rarely make known.

Thin lips

Round Lips

People with this kind of lips exhibit charismatic traits and tend to be very adventurous.  They are risk-takers and are very confident…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper