A new dawn of celebrating teachers with improved welfare



Diri understands the plight of teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as lecturers in tertiary institutions; and he has promised to proffer a long-lasting solution to make the teaching profession an enviable one in Bayelsa State

By Robinson Agaga

Today, countries mobilise their resources to a great extent to obtain quality human capital because the development and progress of a country depends on quality of manpower. The attainment of quality of manpower is closely related to the success of the teachers. This is why the teaching profession is the task that requires the most work, sensitivity and responsibility.

Teachers are saddled with the responsibility to teach in the society. Their role is so important that it cannot be relegated to the background. They are the bridge that connects the past to the present and present to the future.

Everyone in the society, regardless of the position attained, has in one way or another benefited from teachers. In other to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper