Ndigbo, from Delta to Jamaica



By Emeka Obasi

Those who believe in 2023 as year of Igbo Renaissance must put on their thinking caps, discrimination and division are vicious tools aimed at killing the idea before time. Drums of exclusiveness from a few conservatives East of the Niger are disturbing to the ear.

No matter where you come from, as long as you have the identity, you are an Igbo man. The South East geo- political zone is just homeland. Ndigbo are found all over the globe from Delta to Rivers State of Nigeria.

Africa is full of the them. Visit Liberia, cross over to Sierra Leone or catch a flight to Gabon. Then you cannot miss Bioko in Equatorial Guinea. The Central African States of Congo Democratic Republic and the other Congo have Ndigbo in their midst.

In the Americas, you cannot ignore Ndigbo. They are in the United States. They inhabit Jamaica. They are heroes in Barbados, tough in Haiti and seen all over West Indies.

If you talk of Biafra, give it to Ndigbo of Delta State. I will keep…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper