October 11 isn’t an ordinary day for me — Adesewa Josh


Adesanya…as she celebrates girls all over the world

By Chris Onuoha

Adesewa Josh is a Nigerian international media personality and the founder of ‘Project Smile Africa’ (PSA). Her work with PSA spans nearly a decade on issues bordering on Africa’s growth and development, politics and diplomatic affairs, gender issues and refugee crises.

Having started with a cable news station in Nigeria, Channels TV, she had also worked at United Nations Television (UNTV) in New York, and currently a news correspondent covering sub-Saharan Africa at TRT world in Istanbul, turkey.

Adesewa has received several recognitions for her reporting on gender violence in fragile communities, won the Xceptional Women in Media Award in 2014, and was named one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women in 2019. In 2019, she co-authored the Refugee’s Messenger, an anecdote on reporting on the frontlines with other seasoned journalists. She is an associate fellow of the prestigious Nigeria leadership…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper