As hope rises on COVID-19 vaccines


COVID-19 vaccines

THE world is gradually making important headways in the concerted efforts to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Gone are the days when lack of the simplest inputs of protecting the people and the heroic medical workforce, such as nose-masks, hand sanitisers, personal protective equipment, respirators and ventilators held even the most advanced and powerful countries like US, UK, Italy, Spain and others to ransom.

Five months after the World Health Organisation, WHO, finally declared COVID-19 a pandemic, efforts to develop vaccines to eventually nail down the scourge are bearing heartwarming results. The WHO says that no less than 23-candidate vaccines are at the various stages of scientific validation.

Of particular interest is the candidate vaccine developed by the highly reputable University of Oxford. According to the institution’s experts, it uses a chimpanzee cold virus to deliver the gene for the coronavirus spike protein to human cells.

This vaccine has been…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper