Hoodlums came from as far as Niger Republic ― Sarkin Jiwa


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By Omeiza Ajayi, Abuja

The recent hijack by hoodlums of an otherwise peaceful #EndSARS protest in the Federal Capital Territory FCT might have ended but not without leaving in its trail a series of devastation.

What happened in places where the hoodlums left their signatures can best be described as ‘Operation Sweep’. It was more than just looting. It was a complete sweep of the affected facilities as the hoodlums went as far as removing rooftops, breaking the walls to remove the conduit pipes and cables, removing ceilings, doors, windows and even carting away office tables, stationeries and files.

The extent of damage was so shocking that the only rational conclusion would be to hold that hoodlums from neighbouring countries might have come in to assist their Nigerian counterparts. Otherwise, one may also be right to conclude that there are more hoodlums in Nigeria than law-abiding citizens.

Both positions could also be a true reflection of what happened. For, as the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper