Nigerians: Groping towards a post-pandemic world



By Owei Lakemfa

INTELLECTUALS, diplomats, social activists, trade unionists and international relations experts across the country gathered in Abuja on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, to dissect the state of Nigerians under COVID-19 as they trudge towards a post-pandemic world. It was an occasion to mark the 10th anniversary of the Society for International Relations Awareness, SIRA, the foremost foreign relations think-tank which strives to democratise foreign policy.

Dr. Daniel Mann, the new Resident Representative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, FES, which partnered SIRA for the event, said the COVID-19 era is likely to stay with humanity for long and that no individual country can take on the pandemic alone. He argued that it is the duty of the human race to face this challenge together and ensure success, including in the distribution of vaccines to all humans.

Ambassador Sani Bala, the first Nigerian ambassador to Qatar concurred with Mann, saying no country will be…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper