Too many generals, few soldiers fighting Boko Haram — Gen Ishola Williams (retd)


Ishola Williams
Ishola Williams

By Charles Kumolu, Deputy Editor

In the light of renewed deadly attacks by Boko Haram, a former Chief of Training, Operations and Plans of the Nigerian Army, Major-General Ishola Williams (retd), speaks on new strategies to be employed in defeating the terrorist group. He also offers his perspective on calls for the engagement of mercenaries.

The Federal Government said Boko Haram is technically degraded. But they keep launching deadly attacks, making it appear as if the tactics the Army is using aren’t working. What new strategies should be adopted in the light of renewed attacks?

There is a report by Eeben Barlow, the Chairman of a private military company known as Specialised Tasks, Training, Equipment and Protection International. I am sure the federal government has the report. I even sent a copy of the report through someone to the governor of Borno State, Zulum.

The report, which chronicled the experience of mercenaries with the Nigerian Army, faulted…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper