Illegal demolition, acquisition of 300 houses in Lagos result in three deaths


Illegal demolition

*We are homeless, sleeping in make-shift buildings – Affected residents
*Govt’s action immoral

By Evelyn Usman

They had all retired to their respective beds, looking forward with great expectation to resume the next day’s activities.

Then, an incident that changed the course of their anticipation occurred, with the disturbing noise from what was later discovered to be an excavator. Time was 2 am. Sleep eluded them.

Some of them peeped through their windows to ascertain the mission of the excavator, only to behold the imaginable!

The excavator’s arm/wrecking ball was seen demolishing buildings, built after the pattern of those in the western world. Schools, worship centres and companies were not spared.

This was the scenario that played out in Oreki, Alahun village, in Eleko, Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos, on August 20, 2020. Today, what used to accommodate over 300 gigantic buildings is now a desert.

The affected residents are scattered round relatives and friends homes in…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper