Men are not such ‘bonga fish’ that can’t be bent


Men are not such ‘bonga fish’ that can’t be bent

It is a fact that the average man has irritating habits that put your back up and make you feel like climbing the wall in frustration. Habits like leaving the toilet seat up with his wee all over it; hanging out with his mate most of his spare time or snoring.

The good news is that he is just as vulnerable as that dog of yours. Remember how long it took you to train the dog to eat off your palm? Well, you can do the same thing with your bloke!

According to the writer, Amy Sutherland: “Men have a lot in common with wild animals such as dolphins, hyenas, and baboons.

You can, therefore, domesticate your other half by using the same methods deployed to train these animals to perform tricks.” She said she made her discovery while researching a book about a school for animal trainers.

She spent a number of months at Moorpark College in California watching students learn how to train baboons to skateboard, elephants to paint, and dolphins to flip.

She had found herself…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper