African Union opens ‘migration observatory’


African Union

The African Migration Observatory, a study platform launched by the African Union to improve migration governance, was inaugurated on Friday in the Moroccan capital Rabat.

“Today, Africa will have its own data, this will allow us to disprove several myths about migration,” said Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita at a ceremony he co-chaired with the AU Commissioner for Social Affairs, Amira El Fadil.

The AMO’s mission will be to collect, analyse and exchange data across “an interconnected system” linking African countries to improve migration policies that are “often ineffective due to a lack of data”, according to the inauguration document.

Bourita called the AMO’s establishment “a strong message to the international community on the determination of Morocco and Africa to establish better migration governance on the continent”.

He added that it will help “demystify” migration issues and deplored the politicisation of the subject.

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Source: Vanguard Newspaper