A thought for those who will go hungry at Christmas


Christmas: Pastor happy with large muslims turnout to celebrate with Christians in KadunaBy Muyiwa Adetiba

According to some statistics, about 30 million Nigerians go to bed hungry every night. Only about one in four has one or more meals per day.

About three in five start the hustle of the day without breakfast. About two in three earn less than a dollar per day while graduate unemployment is a whopping one in two.

As grim as these statistics are, they are not 2020 statistics. And everybody knows this year has been exceptionally brutal on many fronts. Just as people were trying to recover from the yuletide and beginning of the year expenses, the dreaded pandemic struck, literally asphyxiating everything that dared to breathe.

We came up for air on realising God had spared us the worst of the pandemic. But the tentative walk that would have made the economy stand on its wobbly feet was immediately knocked off by the #endsars protests which first re-paralysed the economy before culminating in a wanton carnage towards the end of October.

On top of it all was the toll…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper