Should your son be bringing home lovers to sleep over?


Should your son be bringing home lovers to sleep over?

Julie has just finished her stint at the private hospital where she was a matron.  His husband is a partner and a consultant at the same hospital.

His hours were less erratic than hers and as she rummaged in her kitchen in the dead of the night for something to eat, she noticed the silence seemed a bit eerie. Usually, when she came in late, Fred, her eldest son, who’d just been back from his Youth Service, would have soft music wafting from his room.

He had a steady girlfriend then, a sort of relief after his wild spree with various girlfriends – and Julie even liked this one.  As a rule, she never got involved with Fred’s girls but Tolu, his latest, warmed her way into Juliet’s life and she was already regarding her as a prospective daughter-in-law. That was until Tolu came to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, her eyes red from crying and her heart in pieces.

Fred was no longer interested in the relationship, she wailed, and she still loved him. Julie’s heart…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper