Why I don’t listen to rap music any more


TraidmarcBy Benjamin Njoku

With so many emerging talents trying to rap these days, one believes that rappers would enjoy feeding off each other’s songs for inspiration. But this is not so, with Austrian-based Nigerian rapper, McDonald Emiantor, popularly known as Traidmarc.

Traidmarc recently revealed that he doesn’t listen to rap music any more even though he’s a rapper.

Speaking during a virtual press parley, Traimac said as an artiste he tries not to listen to too many rappers to avoid being influenced by their sounds.

“I stay on my lane. I am a boss on my lane. I do my own thing. I actually don’t listen to rap music as such as funny as that sounds. As an artiste, I have to filter a lot of stuff to avoid outside influences,” he said.

He continued: “The music that you make actually is a reflection of the music that you consume. I try not to listen to a whole lot of rappers out there to be honest. But when it comes to staying abreast with what is happening in the game I…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper