COVID-19: Why Nigerians should not travel this yuletide


COVID-19: Why Nigerians should not travel this yuletide

Human behaviour driving pandemic

By Sola Ogundipe & Juliet Muoghalu

As Nigerians join the rest of the world to celebrate the availability of effective COVID-19 vaccines, human behaviour is expected to continue to drive the spread of the virus until the vaccines are widely available.

Although it is cheering news that at least two of the COVID-19 vaccine candidates have been approved, they are not yet widely available, hence Nigerians need to appreciate that vaccine protection is a long process and that a vaccine is not a magic bullet that would make the infection disappear in an instant.

In the wake of the onset of the second wave infections in the country, the federal government has advised against all forms of non-essential traveling during the Christmas season as a measure to curtail a further transmission of the coronavirus.

However, findings by Good Health Weekly reveal that many Nigerians are going ahead with their travel plans despite the warning. “Experts who spoke…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper