Dangers, benefits of genetically modified foods


GMO ALARM: Dangers, benefits of genetically modified foods

*If we are not sure of the safety, we will not grant permit — NBMA DG

By Ebele Orakpo

OH my God! What is going on? What am I going to do? In these austere times?” lamented Mrs. Bello, a mother of three as she entered her kitchen and saw the very fresh carrots, cabbage and tomatoes she had bought the previous evening to prepare lunch for the family.

Her shout attracted her neighbours and family. “What happened?” one of them asked to which Mrs. Bello replied: “I don’t know what is happening anymore,” as she pointed to the rotten vegetables. “I bought these just yesterday and they looked fresh. But today, I am seeing something else. Na magic?”

“Hmm, this has happened to me thrice in recent times,” said Madam Helen. A few others shared similar experiences. “I am sure these are genetically modified vegetables,” said Mrs. Imoh matter-of-factly “or did you ever experience such in the past?” she asked. At this, most of the faces went blank. “What is…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper