‘We’ll not cover up any immoral act in Deeper Life school’


Deeper Life


By Harris Emanuel

Against the backdrop of the alleged molestation of a pupil in her Uyo campus, authorities of Deeper Life  High School have assured that the truth would prevail on the matter.

Education Secretary, Thelma Mailaka in a two-minute video obtained by Vanguard affirmed that the school stands on its core value of integrity and uprightness as such would not cover up any untoward act under any guise.

She maintained that the probe would be transparent and that justice would be served at the end of the day no matter whose ox is gored.

She commended the Akwa Ibom state government for ordering an investigation into the issue  in a bid to ensure “ neutrality and a dispassionate outcome.”

She disclosed that the school authorities ensured that staff members and students allegedly fingered in the act appeared before the probe panel to give evidence, noting that knowing the mental and physical stress the victim was passing through, the school would continue to shower…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper