Whither the right to health in Nigeria?


health in Nigeria

By Stanley Ekpa

IF human rights are inalienable and immutable, such that we cannot deprive any person of his rights without affront to justice, then can we rightly conclude that any threat to the necessities of life such as food, health care, shelter, hygienic environment, access to potable water, sanitation, and functional health infrastructures, even for detainees and prisoners, constitute sufficient infringement on a Nigerian’s right to life?

No doubt, the health of a nation’s citizens, detainees inclusive, reflects the nation’s socio-political and economic health. Good health is an essential asset to the existence of man, and ill health is an impediment to human productivity. The question, therefore, remains that if the right to life is dependent and closely interconnected with good health, then why is right to health and well-being not the mother of all rights?

We may never really achieve right to life and the dignity of human person unless we achieve the right to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper