China hopes Biden will put ties back on track


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China is hoping for an improvement in diplomatic relations with the United States under the newly inaugurated President Joe Biden.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, congratulated Biden in front of the press in Beijing on Thursday and expressed hope that the relationship would be put back on the right track.

The spokeswoman referred to the statements by Biden in his inauguration speech, according to which differences of opinion should not lead to conflict.

“That should also apply to international relations,’’ said Hua Chunying.

“In the past four years, a handful of American politicians have spread so many lies and instigated so much hatred and division.’’

She did not name former president Donald Trump, but referring to his secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who laid too many mines to remove and burned so many bridges to be rebuilt.

“We believe that the good angels in Sino-American relations will most definitely defeat the evil forces,’’ she said.


Source: Vanguard Newspaper