Killings everywhere in Benin!


Edo election: PDP hails High Court verdict on Obaseki
Governor Godwin Obaseki

•Cultism, robberies, kidnappings on the increase

By Ozioruva Aliu

EDO state has been in the news in the past three months for increasing security situation. The security challenge include violent robberies, kidnappings, cult related killings and other crimes that have completely killed social life in the state capital which was once known for bubbling night life with several spots and night clubs scattered across the city.


Iyaro which was famous for its 24 hours bubbling activities being the arrival and take off points for night travellers is now a shadow of itself as business operators have been complaining of low patronage. A taxi driver told Saturday Vanguard that the few commuters who still risked travelling in the night now prefer to spend the night in the park and find their way home in the morning instead of taking the risk of moving to certain areas outside the GRA once it is 9 pm.

The precarious security situation has completely…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper