Last year, this year, and beyond (2)



By Douglas Anele

It must be admitted that throughout history individuals in positions of power and influence, especially political and military leaders suffering from undiagnosed and untreated emotional disturbance or motivated by excessive greed and megalomania have done unspeakable evil. So, it would be too hasty and unwise to dismiss every conspiracy theory around covid-19 without thoroughly looking at available evidence in each case.

In this connection, perhaps the “Wuhan virus” might be the result of an experiment in biological warfare that went awry or was deliberately released for ulterior motives by some unscrupulous politicians, scientists and businessmen. Nevertheless, the emerging consensus amongst medical experts in different countries is that covid-19 virus originated from bats or pangolins at a wildlife market in China and was inadvertently spread to other parts of the world through human-to-human contact.

Accordingly, although one cannot completely rule out…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper