NGOs empower rural dwellers to change the narrative


Period poverty: NGOs empower rural dwellers to change the narrative
A facilitator demonstrating how reusable pads are worn.

By Iwunze Jonathan

Dookwase must often make the hard choice between getting food for daily sustenance or hygienic sanitary pads for menstrual purposes.

Her situation is pitiful as she must favour food over the ‘luxury’ of sanitary pads. Thus, she resorts to alternatives that are neither hygienic nor safe.

Growing up, she had no knowledge of menstruation neither was she educated on how to manage the process effectively.

Looking worn from the sad chore of her existence, she recounted tearfully, the bitterness and woes that ‘the curse of menstruation’ had brought upon her.

She said, “I was born in a rural village to parents who were peasant farmers. We barely had enough to eat on most days, while starving when no food was available was nothing new to us. We seemed to make peace with our condition. Hoping for better times was simply a far dream.”

Another facilitator displaying menstrual wears.


Source: Vanguard Newspaper