Lagos assembly to amend 2020 COVID-19 Bill to reflect vaccines


Lagos Assembly passes motion banning illegal sales of COVID-19 pandemic drugs

The Lagos State House of Assembly has resolved to amend the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Bill to reflect the regulation of the administration of the vaccines in the state.

The assembly passed the resolution through voice votes, following a motion moved by the Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Health, Mr Hakeem Sokunle in Lagos on Monday.

The house said the importance of the recall of the bill earlier passed by the assembly was to reflect the regulation of the administration of the vaccines.

It said it would also regulate administration of the vaccines by both private and public hospitals in the state.

Moving the motion, Sokunle said there was need for the assembly to amend the coronavirus bill earlier passed to regulate its vaccines in the state as people had allegedly started buying different vaccines for the purpose.

“We need to regulate the administration of the vaccines in order to avert futuristic health challenges that may occur as a result of these vaccines,” he said.

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Source: Vanguard Newspaper