Tunji Andrews and the race to make all Nigerians pensionable


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Tunji Andrews

By Rasheed Sobowale

This publication is the first in Vanguard Online series of Tech StartUps’ stories.

Tunji Andrews an advocate of financial inclusion shares the story of his company, Awabah, a Mirco-Pension startup tech. Andrews once argued that not everybody living in Nigeria earn enough to save for the future.

Read on as he is grilled on this comment and how he planned to make Nigerians pensionable.

What is your drive?

Tunji Andrews is an economist that has spent much of the last decade advancing financial inclusion in Nigeria. I’ve always had a passion for seeing people understand financial matters and also hoping to see more people included in the financial service sector in a bid to fight extreme poverty.

Tell us about Awabah?

Awabah Nigeria is a company set up to bring Micro-Pensions and target savings to the informal sector. We make these available to the general public in collaboration with our technical partners LEADWAY PENSURE and LEADWAY…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper