The new threat to education in Nigeria


Abduction of students

By Michael Onyema Edeh

The education sector in Nigeria has been confronted with many challenges, including labour strikes, poor funding, decay in infrastructure, and the recent kidnapping cases.

Thus, it is fast becoming extremely difficult for students in Nigeria to attain their educational dreams. This may not be unconnected with the long decay in the education system which has deprived many the opportunities to acquire formal education.

One of the growing threats in the Nigerian education system is the attacks on schools, and the abduction of students by kidnappers. This is coming at a time when the world education systems are trying to recover from Corona virus related disruptions which has kept millions of students out of school. Many schools in Nigeria are now faced with the menace of kidnapping.

Recent events have shown that schools are now major targets of kidnappers who are fond of abducting students and teachers for ransoms. The growing rate of attacks targeted at…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper