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We've traced forfeited assets to 25 locations in Nigeria — FG

By Donu Kogbara

SOMEONE forwarded an article to me last week. I have no idea who wrote it because no author’s name was attached. But I’m told that it has been endorsed by one of the most senior economists in Nigeria.

Whether this claim is true or not, the article is one of the most illuminating and thought-provoking pieces of writing I have ever read about the Nigerian Condition and penchant for self-deception.

I’ve decided to share a summarised version of the article with you:

Nigeria has a smaller national budget than Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and South Africa. All these countries have fewer citizens, yet significantly more money to spend on them. While Nigeria’s 2019 budget amounts to $29 billion, South Africa, with a population almost four times smaller, will spend $130 billion. Egypt has a $90 billion budget with 100 million people.


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Source: Vanguard Newspaper