Cracks on the wall


Nigerians must fight the anti-terrorism war as oneBy Muyiwa Adetiba

It is easy to spot reptiles when a house is clean and uncluttered. In fact any reptile straying into such a house would try to make good its exit almost immediately because there would be no hiding place.

But a house that is dirty and cluttered offers itself as a dwelling place to all sorts of creeping, slimy creatures. Some of them can be very dangerous to the inhabitants of the house. It is even worse when there are cracks on the walls or holes in the roof as these would make dislodgement difficult.

These slimy creatures would usually wait for the time all is quiet in the house before coming out to commit havoc knowing they have a place to hide. The more daring ones would even embarrass the lawful residents in the presence of their visitors by dashing about in playful exhibitions of their presence.

A house with reptiles is a house invaded. The invasion can be deadly depending on the nature of the reptiles. The best remedy is to keep a house clean. It is to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper