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food blockade

THE last time we heard about food blockade in Nigeria was over 50 years ago at the height of the Nigerian Civil War. The Federal side adopted hunger as a legitimate strategy to win the war by instituting the blockade of Biafra’s access to the outside world for arms, food, medical and other crucial supplies.

That another food blockade would be put in place from the North to the South shows how badly our national cohesion has deteriorated in recent times.

What it means is that a part of the country would have starved another part to submission if it had the capacity to implement that antisocial objective.

Tension over food supply in Nigeria has been simmering since herdsmen, who had operated unmolested in the South since time immemorial, started to carry assault rifles, killing farmers and other innocent citizens at will, raping women, grazing on people’s farms, kidnapping for ransom and attacking communities on trumped-up pretexts.

The Federal Government which had the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper