Why Nigeria should return to parliamentary democracy


Opinion piece

By  Adémólá Òrúnbon

IT is almost 22 years of democratic rule in Nigeria. There is no better time than now to assess the suitability of the 1999 Constitution. It is even more compelling in the light of recent happenings in the country, especially the wanton killings by the Boko Haram, kidnapping of innocent people by bandits, and insecurity of lives and property that have become norms and part of the people. Indeed, Nigerians are now living in fear, many of them are now scampering for safety instead of searching for means of livelihood.

Sadly, the 2021 budget is more on recurrent expenditure than capital projects. The recurrent expenditure is to maintain political office holders and their numerous aides. In fact, since the return to civil rule the cost of running government has been on steady rise. This only goes to show that there is a need to implement the 2014 Conference report and do away with the 1999 Constitution which is the guardian angel of this republic; or…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper