Church leaders in South-East proffer solution to insecurity


How insecurity in Nigeria renders women economically, politically impotent

No fewer than 120 Church leaders from various denomination within the South-East have proffered solution to lingering insecurity and other challenges in the country at a Consultative Peace Summit held in Enugu.

The Church leaders, at the meeting on Saturday, advocated fair representation of zones in government, non-selective justice and improved border security as a panacea to lasting peace and unity in the country.

Speaking, Bishop Goddy Okafor, Chairman, Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) South-East, said that the summit was a right step in the right direction, adding, “no nation can make progress in an atmosphere of chaos’’.

“Peace is required, if we as a people in the country want to make progress. This summit has reawakened our consciousness to follow peace and allow peace to reign.

“I call on all to follow the path of peace for all of us to make progress as well as join the government to fight all forms of challenges against peace in the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper