Insecurity: Time is running out for the nation



IT is suicidal to pretend about it: Nigeria is on fire over insecurity. Few years ago, we published an editorial warning Nigerians, especially those who live in the South, that death was approaching from the North. Now, death has arrived.

There are protests in the South, mostly by women and young men who work in the farms. They can no longer go to their farms because of the possibility of being raped, killed or kidnapped by criminals who have consistently been identified as herdsmen.

On Wednesday, February 3, in Uromi, Esan-North East Local Government Area of Edo State and in Epie/Atissa communities in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, crowds of women protesters trooped out to the roads, demanding that herdsmen vacate their lands.

It is dangerous that herdsmen’s killing, raping, and kidnapping of people in different parts of Nigeria has been politicised.

Some state governments and politicians may, for political calculation and the votes they expect to win elections, have decided to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper