Man shall not live by meat alone



THERE is a long list of circumstances in the history of our world in which good have proceeded from bad situations; the herders-farmers conflict in Nigeria could turn out to be one of those bad situations, if an idea that has germinated among some thinkers affected by the crisis, is nurtured and set in motion.

Proffering solution to the herders-farmers conflict, Governor of Kano State Abdulahi Ganduje, had suggested that movement of cows from North to South of Nigeria be stopped. As neutral as Ganduje’s idea had seemed, some people had perceived it as indirect way of suggesting that the South be starved of meat. 

Ironically, Governor Ganduje’s idea aligns with the idea of the victims who are protesting the killing, raping and kidnapping of their kith and kin by herders, to boycott eating of cow meat, goat or chicken from herdsmen.

The idea of boycotting cow meat has a rich reference in history. As Clare Carlile said in her May 5, 2019 article, History of Successful…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper