Nobody need bring down the Buhari government


Buhari government

By Owei Lakemfa

NIGERIAN Presidential spokespersons behave like people who stumble out of a bar, spew things at the public, and return to their seats to continue their favourite pastime.

The country is in the grip of serious security crises with some 800 students abducted from five locations within four months, bandits laying siege on many states in the North West and Middle Belt, the Boko Haram terrorising the North East, staff residences being attacked at international airports and our highways and forests infested by bandits. Various parts of the country are restive with some demanding for a redrawing of our geographical map.

The insecurity is so bad that like in ancient times, people are beginning to think of securing themselves, their families, neigbourhood and towns with their private armies. This is what happened in Somalia. In the midst of all these, including grieving parents demanding the release of their abducted children, the Senior Special Assistant to the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper