PAP and direct deployment to schools without enabling exams


Presidential Amnesty Programme

By J.P. Owoupele

IN the last few weeks I have been called by many stakeholders, delegates and beneficiaries of the aforementioned programme. Their worry is that the office demands that all students must write JAMB or pass through a test to be deployed to higher institutions of learning.

History: When the programme started the managers of the programme were careful to note that our school system is infested with a pandemic called strike. This unhealthy occurrence made it sometimes impossible or frustrating for students to graduate within the time allocated for each programme.

The result was that some undergraduates ended up spending many years beyond their programme duration in school. Now, given the nature of the programme where time is of essence and used in budgetary provisions, a need arose to get it absolutely right.

This development made the office resolve to send delegates to only private institutions. This in their considered opinion would enable them graduate within…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper