The roots of our troubles by Pat Utomi


‘NCF not a political party’
Professor Pat Utomi


IRONIES litter the landscape.  Newspapers chose to emphasise the back of the president as he climbed aboard the presidential jet to go for another medical check-up abroad.

Many are still pondering if meaning was desired in the symbolism of turning the back at a distraught people battling an inchoate economy and ever-present threat to life and property.

At about the same time of the President’s medical travel, the US National ConsumerAdvisory Board was naming a Nigerian, Prof. Iyalla Elvis Peterside, one of the best physicians in the US. And the Presiden’s Minister of State, Timpre Sylva, was announcing the approval of $1.5 billion to refurbish the unrefurbishable, the Port Harcourt Refinery.

An angry Atedo Peterside who is heading the President’s Committee to plan our future declared the $1.5bn could build 12 world class hospitals in Nigeria. From my quiet corner I could imagine at least 200 Nigerian doctors as good as Iyalla Peterside,…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper