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Yinka Odumakin

Popular Vanguard columnist, Yinka Odumakin, succumbed to the cold hands of death on Saturday, April 3, leaving his family and indeed most Nigerians, especially his readers, heart-broken. This was the last column he wrote for Vanguard on March 8 before his transition.

Decoding ‘no flight zone’ over Zamfara?

OUR parents out of ignorance over the demographic contradictions in the North were fond of saying: Gambari pa Fulani o lejo, Hausa lo pa Hausa(There is no case when a Gambari man kills Fulani as it is an intra-Hausa feud). We soaked the lie that the Fulani who were the last set of people to arrive Nigeria from the Futa Jalon were of the same status with the Hausa whom they deceived after the 1804 Jihad to accept “pure Islam”.

The Hausa were gullible and killed their kings so Fulani could rule over them. Then the Fulani moved on the Kanuris who told them they already had pure Islam before the Fulanis.

The Fulani subtly dropped Fulfude language to fully culturally…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper