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Angela Okorie…The jinx that she broke

…Blasts fan who asked her to do away with drugs


Popular actress-turned-singer, Angela Okorie is gradually getting to her musical destination. But her regret is that many people appear not happy with her sudden transformation into a mega superstar in a short while.

Okorie ventured into music in the late 2019, after she made her debut on NS. Since then, the Boss Lady has not looked back in quest to become the next queen of the stage in Nigeria.

In fact, for sake of her music, which is driving her crazy, Okorie hardly finds time to hit the movie sets again. When she’s not in the studio recording new songs, she’s somewhere across the globe performing on stage. It’s safe to say that Okorie has conquered Nollywood and moving on to dominate the world music stage.

While her movie fans are missing her on the big screen, the beautiful mother of one is not bothered as she’s busy pursuing her music career with everything she had….

Source: Vanguard Newspaper