Sports and Politics ― Handshake across the Niger, mission (im)possiblè?


mini football

By Chief Segun Odegbami,

‘Mathematical’ is back on the football field, training. I am preparing for, probably, the most significant football match of my life. And this is not a joke.

I played my last official football match on a fateful December day in 1984. That makes 36 years since I threw my football boots in frustration into the stands of the National Stadium in Lagos towards a disappointed audience that had just watched me play, probably, the worst match in my football career. That was when I played a proper football match for the last time.

Since then, I have retired into the cocoon of other sports and non-sports-related interests including the latest – agricultural farming.

So, for this retired ex-football player to be exhumed from the archives and invited to participate in a serious football match after 36 years, means something serious is in the offing.

I have already started the mental exercises for my return to action, starting with fully grasping the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper