Buhari’s difficult engagement with the Americans


Emmanuel Aziken

Tuesday’s virtual meeting of United States Secretary of State, Tony Blinken with President Muhammadu Buhari should have extensively reshaped the relationship between Nigeria and the United States.

However, there are fears everywhere, that it may not.

Cast against the dodgy, if not arrogant posture of the Barack Obama government towards Nigeria, the expectation from everywhere is that the new democratic government would have out of experience learnt how to deal with the Nigerian situation.

The lessons to be learnt are, however, not only on the American side.
Nigeria also has its lessons to learn.

When in 2007, the President George Bush administration finally resolved to establish an African Command, the Nigerian government at that time still adept with the professionalism of its military was very hostile to the concept.

It was perhaps partly due to the success of Nigerian diplomacy that no African territory was found fitting enough or willing to host the African…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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