Túpac Amaru: Senior Prefect in the liberation pantheon



By Owei Lakemfa

I HAVE a confession. Some times, I have caught myself thinking about the world and what humans have done to it. Many times, I have been lost in thought about humans and what they have done to other human beings. Several times, I have caught myself debating who have been the most vicious colonialists who for lust and greed and in order to plunder riches, sent millions of other humans to early graves.

Does this infamous trophy go to the British who massacred the Kikuyus in Kenya for daring to demand freedom? Even after the massacres and defeat of the people, the British still executed 1090 Kenyans. Can it be the Americans who in their desperation to stop Vietnamese independence got some two million of them killed? Is it the French who in Algeria alone, killed over two million people in a vain attempt to stop the Algerian independence?

Or is it the Germans who in Namibia, wiped out  about 75 per-cent of the Herero population and some 50 per-cent of the Nama…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper